All the best
All the best Vol.1   Front    Back
Back in the U.S.A   Live Los Angeles, The Forum  1989  (red, white , blue)   
Back to the egg
Band on the run
Band on the run   Annivesrary Limited Edition
Band on the run   EMI 100 Years
Band on the run   Yellow / Poster
Band on the run    Back    Picture
Canta i Beatles    Back
Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard   2    
Choba B CCCP    Back    13 track
Choba B CCCP    Back    11 track
Choba B CCCP    Back    11 track
Cold Cuts    Back
Cold Cuts    Back
Complaint To The Queen  Wings Over Holland-72   
Dirty Italian flowers     Back
Driving Rain
Flaming Pie       Club Sandwich
Flowers in the dirt
Flowers in the dirt    Back
Flowers in the dirt   Tour pack
Fly South       Back
Friends of the earth      Back
Give my regards to broad street
Give my regards to broad street    Back   Russian press
James Paul McCartney
Kisses on the bottom   
Knebworth 1990     Back
Live in Berlin                
Live in Newcastle 1973    Back
Live at the Forum
Liverpool Oratorio
London Town
McCartney   PCS 7102
McCartney   Back    Russian press
McCartney   Back    Russian press 2
McCartney   Asian press
McCartney 2
Memory Almost Full   
Odd Sox     
Off the ground
Off the ground      Back    Russian press
One hand clapping
Paul is live
Paul McCartney&Wings       Back  This is the first McCartney LP published in Russia offcially
Pipes of peace
Pipes of peace   Mexico press
Press Conference 1990
Press Conference  Liverpool 1990
Press Conference   1989     Back
Press to play
Ram     Back  (Australia Mid 166029)
Raving On
Red rose speedway
Run devil run
Southend Surprise    Back
Speed of sound
The Londontown Sessions        Back
The McCartney Interview
Thrillington    Back                
Tripping the live fantastic
Tripping the live fantastic   Highlights
Tug of war
Tug of war     Back    Russian press
Tug of war     Back    Czechoslovakia press
Twin Freaks  
Venus and mars    PCTC 254
Venus and mars    SMAS 11419
Venus and mars outtakes vol.1    Back
Why dont we do it on the road     Back
Wings from the Wings
Wings Greatest
Wings on the radio
Wings over America
Wings over Danmark
Wings over Switzerland     Back
Wings over Wembley
Wings wild life
Wings wild life     Back   Russian press
Yesterday & Today Live at the Los Angeles forum Nov.27 1989 Three record set