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The Beatles 1962-1966
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The Beatles    PCS 7068  UK
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The Savage Young Beatles with Tony Sheridan
We Can Work It Out / Something   Bulgaria
Beatles Movie Medley / I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
Free As A Bird / Christmas Time
Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You   R4949 UK
Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You
Adelaide Press Conference   Picture
Hey Jude / Revolution   Picture  RP5722B
Hey Jude / Revolution   Jukeboxes only
A Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today   Jukeboxes only
Magical Mystery Tour   EP SMMT-1 UK
Lady Madonna / Inner Light   R 5675 UK
I Feel Fine / She's A Women   R5200 Sweden
Something / Come Together   R 5814 UK
I Should Have Known Better 7 You Really Gotta Hold On Me   SD 5971 Sweden
Ticket To Ride / Yes It Is   R 5265 Sweden
Any Time At All / I'll Cry Instead -- Things We Said Today / When I Get Home
All My Loving / Ask Me Why -- Money / P.S. I Love You
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Drop In  
Beatles Applause Doll John            
Beatles Applause Doll George        

Beatles Applause Doll Ringo          
John Lennon Hamilton Doll Figure  
George Harrison Hamilton Doll Figure  
Ringo Starr Hamilton Doll Figure

The Beatles John Lennon Cartoon Figure  
The Beatles George Harrison Cartoon Figure  
John Lennon Blow-Up Doll       

George Harrison Blow-Up Doll  
Ringo Starr Blow-Up Doll    
George Harrison Sgt. Pepper Soft Doll  
Ringo Starr Sgt. Pepper Soft Doll
John Lennon Sgt. Pepper Soft Doll    





Shaved Fish
Live Peace In Toronto 1969
Two Wirgins





All Things Must Pass  Promo
Live In Japan


Cloud Nine
Dark Horse
Living In The Material World
All Things Must Pass
Somewhere In England


Cheer Down