"B" Sides Himself
I'M Partial to Your Abracadabra  CDs Promo
A Garland For Linda
All My Trials  CDs
All The Best
Amoebas Secret CDs      
Appaloosa Love
Arles-72     Back
Back In The U.S.  Live 2002   "matchbox" DVD     Book
Back in The U.S.A (Vol.1)
Back in The U.S.A (Vol.2)
Back In The World-Live
Back To The Egg
Ballroom Dancing      Back
Band On The Run  3cd + 1dvd box     
Band On The Run
Band On The Run 25th Anniversary Edition
Band On The Run  dts-5.1 sound systems   
Beatles Orginals (Solo)
Beautiful Night  CDs
Best 16
Biker Like An Icon  CDs
C'Mon People   CDs
C'Mon People   CDs   The Steve Anderson Mixes
Chaos And Creation In The Backyard  Special Edition + DVD  
Choba B CCCP  2       Wooden Presentation Box.      
Choba B CCCP
Complete Cold Cuts
Deliverance Now
Driving Me Mad
Driving Philadelphia   2-CD
Driving Rain
Driving Rain  Back CDs sampler
Driving Rain Box  CD, raincoat and necklace    
East Meets West  2  3      Wooden Box                  
Eggs Up      Back       
Figure of Eight  Special Collectors  3" CDs
Figure of Eight  CDs  7" Version  12" Version
First Flight 
Fine Line  CDs 3 tracks     
Fine Line CDs 2 tracks      
Fine Line CDs 1 tracks promo     
Flaming Pie
Flowers in the dirt Tour Box includes: CD, T-Shirt, Sticker, Postcards, Tour Schedule.
Flowers in the dirt   Tour pack
Flowers In The Dirt  2-CD Japan
Freedom  CDs
From A Lover To A Friend  CDs Promo
From A Lover To A Friend  CDs
Get You Ready For LIVE New Castle 1973
Give My Regards To Broad Street
Give My Regards To Broad Street
Good Evening New York City       
Got Any Toothpicks?  Live 1972
Hope of Deliverance   
Hope of Deliverance  CDs
I Got Stung
Imagine in Liverpool  (the comeback)
In The New World
John L. Doesnt live here anymore Tour 93 PT 2-Collection
Kisses on The Bottom    Limited Edition     
Learning To Fly
Let's Have A Party!
Live At The Cavern
Live in Antwerpen 2003
Live in Arnhem 2003
Live In Groningen August 19, 1972
Live in Stockholm 2003
Live in Sweden 1989    
Live In Tampa Florida 2002
Live Tonight
Liverpool Sound Collage
London Town / Roughs Demos            
Looking For Changes
Maxi-Singles Collection Vol.2
McCartney II
Memory Almost Full    Deluxe Limited 2cd set   
Memory Almost Full    Newspaper promo    
More Unplugged
Moscow Russia  March 24, 2003  2-CD
My Brave Face  CDs
Never Stop Doing What You Love    Back    
Now Hear This
No Other Baby  CDs Mono 
No Other Baby  CDs
Off The Forum
Off The Ground  Box set CD & Tape unopen 
Off The Ground
Old Friends from Montserrat
One Hand Clapping
Oobu Joobu 3
Oobu Joobu 4
Oobu Joobu 5
Oobu Joobu 6
Oobu Joobu 7
Oobu Joobu 8
Oobu Joobu 9
Oobu Joobu 10
Oobu Joobu 11
Oobu Joobu 12
Oobu Joobu 13
Oobu Joobu 14     
Oobu Joobu 15
Oobu Joobu-Ecology
Paul Is Live
Paul McCartney  Shape-cd
Paul McCartney Live
Paul McCartney Live "Unapproved"
Paul McCartney Live-Vol. 2
Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello & Friends
Pipes Of Peace
Press To Play
Red Rose Speedway
Red Rose Speedway-The orginals and Alternates
Red Rose Speedway- The Complete Works + DVD James Paul McCartney TV Special 
Red Rose Speedway / II
Rehearsals For The new World Tour 1993
Return To Pepperland
Rocks      Back
Rough Cuts Soundcheck 1993
Rrrrrrooock Show
Run Devil Run
Run Devil Run   Promo
Run Devil Run   CDs Promo
Save the Child   CDs
Silly Love Songs   CDs  Promo
Silly Love Songs - Noir & Kruse' Remix  CDs   
Run Devil Run-Interview 
Still Hope
Studio Tracks Vol.1  
Sold On Song  extra : Secret Web Site   
The 1993 Docklands Press Conference     Back
The Alternate Ram 
The Fabulous One
The Fireman Electric Arguments   Digipak                   
The Fireman - Sing the Changes   Digipak promo  CDs   
The Magical US.-Tour
The Making of James Paul McCartney
The New World Collection Box    (2)  (3)  (4)  Limited Edition  Nr. 1038   
The Other Side of Off The Ground
The Other Side of Off The Ground Singles B-sides&more
The Paul McCartney Collection   Promo sampler         
The Soundcheck 93
The Unreleased Cold Cuts Album  The final mix  
The U.S Tour  2CD    (2)   Chaos and Creation in the Backyard / Motor of Love   
The Very Best of Paul Mccartney
The World Tonight  CDs
The World Tonight  CDs   
The World Tonight  CDs Promo     
This One  CDs
Tripping The Live Fantastic
Tripping The Live Fantastic-highlights
Tug Of War
Tug Of War / Back To The Egg
Unplugged: The Official Bootleg
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1    Back
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2
Washington 1990
Venus And Mars
Venus and Mars Sessions
Viva Mexico
When It Rains, It Pours   The Tug of War Rehearsals
Wild Live   Live Danmark and Rotterdam 1972  2-Cd
Wings At The Speed Of Sound
Wings Greatest
Wings Over America  2-CD
Wings Over Sweden 1972  2-CD
Wings Over America Box   Deluxe  Boxset      
Wings Wild Life
Wingspan   3D-cover
Wingspan  Collector`s Edition box   
Wingspan  Wingspan promo sampler
Wingspan  (1)  Limited Edition box       
Working Classical  Promo
Yesterday & Today
Young Boy  CDs Promo
Young Boy   CDs